A gap year to shine God's light on your potential
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A gap year to shine God's light on your potential
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The Experience

Luminate is an amazing new discipleship program for young adults that fosters faith through formal learning, a strong peer community and ministry experience. The purpose of Luminate is to grow life-long disciples that live a life of service wherever God calls them. As a Luminate participant you will complete a Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology (10433NAT)*, serve in a local church, participate in cross-cultural mission and explore how you might use your gifts in service. 

Three Key Components

  1. Study and Discipleship
    Certificate IV Christian Ministry & Theology (10433NAT)*
    Practical Ministry Training
  2. Ministry Placement
    Serve in local church ministry
    Be mentored in ministry
  3. Shared Ministry Experiences
    2 week Mission Trip to FNQ
    Lead on 2 LYQ Holiday Camps

Your average week might look like this

Sunday - Volunteering at ministry placement (church or school)
Monday - Teaching day (Brisbane Campus)
Tuesday - Teaching day (Brisbane Campus)
Wednesday - Study day/part-time job
Thursday - Study day/part-time job
Friday - Volunteering at ministry placement (church or school)
Saturday - Day of rest/part-time job

Study & Discipleship (Brisbane Campus)
As a Luminate participant you'll spend an average of 2 days per week together with the Luminate cohort as you complete a Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology (10433NAT)* (through our Luminate partners - Australian Lutheran College) and additional ministry training. You'll be equipped with a broad set of practical ministry skills and when you graduate you'll be eligible to apply to be recognised as an accredited layworker within the Lutheran Church of Australia.

You'll start every term of study with an intensive week of workshops... growing through face-to-face training and discussion. For three of these intensive weeks you'll live with the other participants at our Highfields campsite - growing together in faith and life.

In addition to the Certificate IV, you'll also be introduced to a wide variety of ministry areas and skills, including aged care chaplaincy, hospital chaplaincy, school chaplaincy, responding to ethical issues & people of different faiths, mental health first-aid, personality assessments, team roles, budgeting and goal setting etc. The purpose of this additional ministry exposure is to help you consider your calling, reflect on your God-given gifts and learn practical skills that will equip you for service in your local church.

*Australian Lutheran College is a member college of the Australian Centre for Advanced Studies (RTO #50392).

Ministry Placement (Local Church)
As a Luminate participant you'll spend approximately 2 days per week during term time volunteering in your local church underneath the direction of your Pastor or a suitable ministry ‘supervisor’. The nature of your service will depend on your gifts and the ministry of your local church... it could include youth ministry, music ministry, drama ministry or school ministry etc. This ministry placement is a key component of the Gap Year because it will give you a safe place to apply the theory you're learning.

Shared Ministry Experiences
One of the highlights of your Luminate year will be the chance to join in shared ministry experiences with your peers. During the 12 month program you'll attend...

  • The Gathering – a weekend conference for young adults
  • 2 x 1 week LYQ Holiday Camps (Winter & Summer holidays)
  • 1 x 2 week Cross-cultural Mission Trip to Hopevale/Wujal Wujal.

These shared ministry experiences will give you an intensive leadership experience and invaluable opportunity to serve in ministry!

Part-time Work
We encourage you to secure part-time work during your Luminate year. Although not officially part of the program we believe that part-time work is a great way for you to expand your knowledge of the world, to meet friends and to develop confidence.

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Practical Ministry Training

Be equipped to serve and share

Local Ministry Experience

Serve 2 days per week in your local church

  • Use your gifts to serve
  • Be mentored in ministry
  • Grow the Kingdom

Amazing Ministry Experiences

Grow through unique ministry experiences

  • Two week mission trip to Far North Qld
  • Serve on two LYQ holiday camps
  • Grow through The Gathering

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  • Luminate is a unique combination of community, self discovery and practical experience!


  • A Luminate Gap Year provides a strong faith foundation that will underpin future life choices.


  • It is not the speed at which we build our life that creates success, but the foundation on which we build it.


About Us

We love to laugh, we love to learn, we love to serve!

Luminate is a ministry of LYQ; a non-profit youth organisation that impacts over 11,000 young lives every year through camping, training and coaching ministries.

LYQ’s ministry began over 60 years ago and developed out of a heart to encourage, support and grow the Christian faith of young people in Queensland. Luminate has grown out of this same heart - we're excited about the opportunity to journey with an amazing cohort of participants as they grow in faith! We're also excited to work with our Luminate training partners, Australian Lutheran College!

Excited to see people growing in their faith!
Comes with a background in teaching and youth

Sarah Calder

Luminate Coordinator

Loves young adults
17 years experience

Tom Schmidt

Luminate Ministry Placement Coach

ALC VET Officer

Emma Graetz

Luminate Trainer

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If you are a church or work with young people and are wanting to contact the Luminate Coordinator, please use the email address below.  

Contact details

Level 3, 24 McDougall St
Milton QLD 4064
07 3511 4080